Port Levy

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The house is nestled in a valley facing north with beautiful views over the local bay toward the distant Kaikoura ranges. The idea was to create a home with a low carbon print as possible, the architect decided it didn't make sense to pour a concrete pad. There is a bit of concrete, a little bit of steel, but "essentially is a wooden house". The Pioneer Red Colorsteel is a statement, and also a nod to the old local buildings.

Self-sustaining and completely off the grid, the house also has bio-sewage treatment tanks and two woodburners, one with a wetback. For the clients, going off-grid was a no-brainer as it was half the price to set up a solar system with panels, inverter and batteries, and backup generator as it would have been to connect to the grid. They have never had to turn the generator on apart from giving it a run for maintenance.

Having Tim on board throughout the build was a total game-changer – managing a process that might otherwise have been highly stressful, the clients said. He was able to point them towards tried and proven systems for setting up a sustainable home. “He along with our builder, HQ Construction, was fabulous to work with,” they said.

“Our home is an absolute dream to live in because it’s functional as well as being aesthetically pleasing.”

Originally published in Scope Magazine and republished with permission.