Transforming a challenging bare land hill site into a warm, practical family home.

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After purchasing a bare land site in a stunning hillside location, the owners of this Cashmere Hill home worked with architect Dan Ward to design a warm, welcoming home that provided privacy and comfort. They engaged HQ Construction to deliver an efficient, well-managed build with a high level of attention to detail. This build had a hard fixed budget and required regular, transparent communication between HQ Construction, the architect, and the client. HQ ensured that any potential issues were addressed promptly and proactively; when stormwater issues threatened to delay the project timeframes, HQ director Huntley worked directly with Council to develop a solution.

The completed home is full of thoughtful details and finishes, each chosen to add value and sophistication without compromising the budget. The LED-lit front step became a pet project for HQ Construction; the client had intended to buy an off-the-shelf product, but Huntley put his skills to use to create a bespoke solution. 

The downstairs bedrooms back into the hill, creating private retreats that will remain cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and quiet and private year-round. The master bedroom is set apart from the main house, across a u-shaped deck that is protected from the easterly wind. 

Despite its relatively small footprint, the home feels spacious and airy throughout. Care was taken to make sure the house never feels sterile or impersonal; instead, it’s a warm and welcoming family home with year-round entertaining potential.